Potteruki Clay & Porcelain Dish

Potteruki Clay & Porcelain Dish

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Where form meets function.

Discover the beauty in simplicity with these hand made clay dishes. 

How To Use: Potteruki clay & porcelain dishes are multi-purpose.  They can be used to mix your clay face masks, or as an incense burner for, or any creative use that you choose.

If you choose to use for an incense burner, place on a flat surface. Light the tip of the incense cone and blow out. Place on the top of the non-flammable ceramic dish. Enjoy the visual meditation of aromatic incense smoke as it swirls and sways around, and within the clay sculpture.

please note: with use and tie the incense resin will discolour your dish and leave colour deposits. If you want your ceramic dish to stay as clean as possible, clean it after each use.

If you choose to use for a clay mask dish, simply add your mask powder to dish and a touch of water to mix into a paste.


More Info: Each dish is unique - there are no two alike. These delightful dishes are hand made by potter Chihiro.  Born and raise in Japan, she has always been inspired by the wonders and beauty of nature. Pottery is her therapy, and she makes each piece with love and joy which you can see, and feel within each piece. With more than 20 years of practice, Chihiro continues to create her artful pieces out of her home in Vancouver, BC.


Care: Handle with care. Pottery is fragile and the integrity of the clay can be compromised if it is dropped, or if something falls on it. When you wash your clay dish, use a mild soap (careful, it will be slippery) and non-abrasive washcloth. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

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