Hand Blown Glass Incense Burner

Hand Blown Glass Incense Burner

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Where form meets function.

Discover the luminous beauty of hand blown glass in this exquisite structural form. Enjoy the visual meditation of aromatic incense smoke as it swirls and sways around, and within the glass sculpture.

How To Use: Place your glass incense burner on a flat surface. Light the tip of the incense cone and blow out. Place on the top of the non-flammable glass incense holder.  Each cone will burn for approximately 25 minutes.

please note: with use and time the incense resin will discolour the glass and leave colour deposits. If you want your incense burner to stay as clear as possible clean it after each use.

More Info: Each incense burner is unique - there are no two alike. These stunning incense burners are hand made by glass artist Peter Fleury. What started out as a hobby, has turned into a life passion and a pursuit of knowledge and practice in the fine art of glass blowing. Drawing on nature and inspired by his surroundings Peter continues creating pieces of art that bring us joy from his home studio in Brentwood Bay.

Care: Handle with care. Glass is fragile and the integrity of the glass can be compromised if it is dropped, or if something falls on it. If you decide to wash your glass incense burner, use a mild soap (careful, it will be slippery) and non-abrasive washcloth. Do not put in the dishwasher.