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Let’s get you started with our warm weather beauty collection. Apart from sun protection and your daily facial oil (Flora) for moisture and hydration, there are practices you can incorporate into your summer skincare routine that will keep you looking dewy and fresh.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate your face once a week to get rid of dirt and grime from deep within the pores with SOOTHE clay facial mask. When applying your clay mask or using it as an exfoliator be sure to keep the clay mask moist so that your skin can benefit from the naturally occurring minerals as well as the regenerative and emollient properties from the roses. 

Exfoliate your body once a week with JADE body polish to slough away dry skin and return your skin to its silky, soft texture. This blend of eucalyptus and rosemary will not only leave you feeling refreshed, but perfectly balanced with sea salt & coconut oil your skin will receive the hydration it needs.

Hydrate. Keep your skin balanced and hydrated with CALM beauty water. Mist all over skin to soothe a sunburn.

*please note. Never exfoliate your skin when it is sunburned. Always do your clay mask exfoliation at least 24hrs prior to sun exposure and even then, apply your sun protection and wear a hat!

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