OFURO a Japanese bathing ritual

OFURO a Japanese bathing ritual

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A cultural tradition, the bathtub in Japan is known as ofuro.

Bathing is more than a simple hygienic practice carried out quickly; bathing is a ritual and an experience and considered one of life's pleasures.

Traditionally, before bathing you cleanse your skin and hair, you can do this in your shower, this is where you gently scrub your skin clean with our Jade exfoliating salt scrub.  Start with your feet and work your way up the body to your neck and chest. Make sure to breathe in the revitalizing eucalyptus and pine essential oils in your body polish.

Then once you skin is cleansed, run a hot bath and sprinkle a handful of ONSEN mineral soaking salts into still water. Take a moment and swirl the water with your hands or feet to disperse the soaking salts more evenly. The mineral rich salts will begin to soak into your skin, helping to relieve stress, and tension. Enjoy the aroma of cypress, yuzu and sandalwood.

Bring a hand towel into your furo, and drop a few drops of MOON DANCE body oil onto your hand towel and run the towel over face, chest and limbs.  Remember to breathe in the soothing scents of frankincense, rose, and patchouli as you run the oil over your skin.  Feel free to top up your bath with another few drops of MOON DANCE for a deeper aromatherapy experience.

When you are finished bathing. Gently pat skin dry, while your skin is warm and slightly damp, massage droplets of MOON DANCE all over skin for added hydration.

I hope you enjoy your Ofuro.