Organic Cotton Wipes

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Start using our re-usable wipes to remove make-up and cleanse your face. They are going to get stained, and marked up, but that's okay!

Good For: Gentle enough for sensitive skin and delicate eye area.

How To Use: Use in combination with Flora for removing eye makeup. Add water to moisten towel, then add a few drops of Flora and gently wipe away eye make up. Use in combination with Glow daily face wash by moistening cloth and adding a pump of face wash directly to cloth and wipe away the days grime. Use with Calm by misting clean skin with our botanical toner and gently wipe skin to pick up any remaining residue left behind.

Tips for additional use:
Soak clean pads in organic green tea and pop them into the freezer for a few hours, then apply to the eye area for a soothing eye treatment.

More Info: Made with 100% cotton and non-toxic fabric dye. Each pack of 4 cotton wipes is unique. Hand made and stencilled artwork is by Leslie Rault. With many projects on the go, she finds herself with lots of ‘scraps’ that she then creates little pieces of functional art for us! Leslie has been making fibre art for more than 50 years; from wall hangings, to intricate and elaborate quilts, and functional art such as tea cozies and more and currently works out of her home studio in Duncan.

Care: Hand wash or machine wash after each use. Wash with other similar laundry such as towels, wash clothes, etc. Hang to dry or toss in the dryer.

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