Linen Scrunchie

Linen Scrunchie

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I love a good scrunchie! Scrunchies are not only versatile and comfotable to wear, they also make the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

Tieing your hair back before you start your skincare routine is the first step!

For everyday wear, scrunchies don't rip your hair out like regular hair ties can causing less breakage, they are easy to wear and make hair styling effortless.  Add a little extra to your messy bun, pull your hair out of your face for a little half up half down, or throw your hair up in a high ponytail.

Boom Boom Scrunchies are hand made by my friend Dani in Victoria, BC.

Linen was our fabric of choice for our collaboration - we both love the natural look, and texture of linen.  Beyond that, there are many other reasons we love linen: 

- Linen breathes, it's temperature regulating. Staying cool in warm weather and retaining heat in the winter.

- Linen is durable, it is one of the strongest vegetable fibres and at least two times stronger than cotton.

- Linen is easy to take care of, you can hand wash or toss in the washing machine. The more linen is washed the softer it becomes.

- Linen is a more environmentally and sustainable choice for fabrics. Made from flax, it needs no artificial watering (only rain water to grow), and the cultivation requires less pesticides and fertilisers (if any).

Thank you from Dani and I - we hope you love your scrunchie as much as we do, and thank you for supporting both of our passion projects. xo