If you love the earthy aromas of a lush, lavish forest, you will love our new aromatherapy perfume – Chypre.

Shinrin-Yoku, is Japanese for Forest Bathing, a therapeutic practice with incredible benefits for your mind, body and soul. It is a journey of reflection and renewal, when we can reconnect with nature and experience moments of calm, serenity and meditation. With Chypre, we hope to bring the sense of Shinrin-Yoku into your everyday life.

Chypre [sheep-ra] is an aroma known for its sophistication and elegance. Wood, moss, citrus, dampened earth and crushed pine needles come together to take you on an aromatic journey through the forest. The sweet and grounding scent is reminiscent of Spring and Fall; the decay and rebirth that occurs naturally as the seasons change.

 Transport yourself into the wilderness with Chypre, where your senses are awakened, you live in the moment, and you discover gratitude and deep peacefulness.

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