CALM Beauty Water Toner

CALM Beauty Water Toner

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CALM Beauty Water is a gentle do-it-all toner that will keep you skin clean and balanced.  For all skin types.

- pH balance your skin by misting all over face & neck after cleansing (before applying face oil )

- mist before and after cosmetic application for glowing skin

- mist over sun-kissed skin to soothe inflammation and irritation

- perfectly refreshing before and after yoga or a work out.

Store away from sunlight for optimum shelf life. 

For an extra cooling and refreshing experience store in the fridge.

Made with 100% organic ingredients.

Created without chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. 

Ingredients: witch hazel, peppermint leaf hydrosol, rose geranium flower hydrosol, lavender flower hydrosol, roman chamomile flower hydrosol.


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